Warm Winter Day: Back on 9W

GWB Outlook

The weather this weekend in NYC could not have been much better – lingering in the low 60’s both days. Today was the day to head up to Piermont – cyclehaven9w reunited with route 9w! Hard to believe that we’re in the middle of February and I wore shorts today. There was a refreshing cool breeze coming off of the Hudson River. The kind of breeze that reminded me of the Bay Area. The kind of breeze that would be so greatly appreciated during the dog days of summer in NYC.

Warm Winter Day: Back on 9W
Cool Breeze – Taken with GoPro Hero 5


I saw countless cyclists today, easily over 200 – we were all heading north as if being pulled forward by a magnetic force pointed directly at Bunbury’s Coffee Shop (Piermont) / The Runcible Spoon (Nyack).

It’s kind of ironic that whenever I want to get out for a “recovery ride” I end up pushing a little bit much. Today, I averaged 15.2mph on my 49-mile ride, a pretty good split (for me) for riding solo!

As I develop the Cyclehaven9w brand, especially on Instagram, I’m seeing more and more cyclists that I follow, in person on these weekend rides! It’s pretty unexpected, but a nice surprise nevertheless. I’ve been thinking more about the types of rides that I want to do and I think I definitely need to find a core group of 4-6 people that I can consistently ride with. Riding solo is pretty solid but can get old quickly. I think I’ll have more flexibility when I can push 16-17mph SS – but need to put in that work to comfortably get up to that pace.


According to my Garmin Recovery Advisor, today’s ride will “require” at 41-hour recovery before I should consider attempting a ride of similar length/effort. That will come in time – putting in work on the trainer/Zwift┬áis the best value for my busy schedule. Also, HIIT workouts in the gym. 30 minutes in the gym is all you really need to get a workout in that will leave you sore the next day – I’ll definitely explain my weekly exercise routine in a future post.

GWB Outlook
GWB Outlook – taken with GoPro Hero 5


Glad to say that I have tomorrow off from work due to President’s day, will get some much-needed rest after a series of tough workouts this past week. Hope you all had a chance to enjoy this warm weather – I know I did! I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to get (at least) one more snow storm until Winter’s over, but who knows.

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