Strictly Bicycles – The One, The Only


It just wouldn’t be right to have a blog about cycling in/around NYC without dedicating a post to the one, the only: Strictly Bicycles.

SB is about a half mile north of the GWB on Hudson Terrace. If you recall from my first post, I didn’t even make it up to Strictly my very first time across the GWB on the Trek 7.1fx. I gave up somewhere around “Central Road” on the map above.

These days, I stop by Strictly every single time I cross the GWB. I use it as a quick coffee stop, a good regrouping point, a bathroom pitstop,  or just a way to drop by and talk to the super friendly staff.

Strictly can get pretty crowded on fair-weather weekend mornings, but typically a chance or rain or colder weather clears out the crowd. As cheesy as it sounds, for me, Strictly represents a home away from home. At any given point, you’ll encounter people headed out, up towards Nyack – or coming back into the city. So in that sense, Strictly represents a crossroads of sorts.

Now, this isn’t something I’ve personally experienced (knock on wood) but I have heard that if a cyclist has any mechanical failures between the GWB and Alpine, Strictly will send out one of their staff members in the shop car (a Mercedes no less) to pick you up, free of charge. Now, THAT is some excellent customer service and just part of the reason why the cycling community has so much love and respect for this bike shop.

Just the other week when I stopped by, I noticed that Strictly currently has the Tacx Neo Smart trainer on display (and in stock – last I checked). That trainer – only one word, wow! Very neat, but unfortunately out of my price range. Though Strictly’s staff members have told me that they accept financing for it via the Trek credit card.



Nevertheless, Strictly Bicycles is truly a one stop shop. When it’s brutally hot during the summer, the A/C of the shop is a much needed escape from the sun. In the late fall when the cold wind rips through the 9W corridor, the hot coffee and cozy feel to SB is perfect.


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