Exclusive to Cyclehaven9w: Interview with Strava!

Strava Interview

Now that my series of SF related posts has wrapped up, I wanted to add some more unique content and felt that a quick interview with Strava would be perfect as outdoor rides around NYC aren’t optimal right now (way too much slush and grit).


1) When we use Strava, I think it’s easy to forget that there’s a vibrant community of like-minded athletes behind the scenes who work to ensure that we’re getting the best product available. Could you talk a little bit about the culture at Strava? What are some of the traditions that you have at your headquarters in SF?

“Strava is comprised of dedicated, fun-loving individuals, unified by their mission to build the most engaged community of athletes in the world. As you can imagine, the team strives to not only meet the needs and expectations of the social network’s growing community of athletes but also to push themselves to be even better.

Strava’s dedicated to providing a world-class workplace where employees can grow and thrive. One way we do so is by providing stipends for continuing education, technology, gear and race entry fees, as well as a fully stocked kitchen with great snacks, quick meals and all the fussy coffee and brewing equipment you’d expect from a company of athletes. We also host “Jams,” which are “work on whatever you want to” days where Strava employees are encouraged to pursue projects we are passionate about. These help the brand create an environment conducive to collaboration, innovation, and constant improvement.”



2) What percentage of the Strava staff, would you estimate, commutes to work by bike? As someone whose office recently opened up a bike room (and one shower), I want to ask: does the HQ have full locker rooms to accommodate the bike commuters? 

“Because so many of its employees bike to work, Strava provides full locker rooms and a bike storage room. We even launched their very own Global Bike to Work Day last May. 79,879 cycling commute activities were uploaded by Strava Global Bike to Work Day Challenge entrants on the day, and Strava commuters logged a total of 835,094 miles, averaging 10.45 miles per ride. Check out this animated visual that shows commutes around the world on the first-ever Global Bike to Work Day: http://metro-static.strava.com/bike-to-work/



3) With access to powerful activity data, does Strava have any plans to partner with various city Department(s) of Transportation to help improve cycling infrastructure? 

“We do. Strava Metro anonymizes and analyzes the millions of human-powered commutes uploaded to Strava every week, then partners with urban planners to improve city infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Currently, more than 70 organizations and government agencies are using Strava Metro, including GoBike in Glasgow, University College London, Oregon Department of Transport, Austin B-Cycle in Texas and Vermont Transportation.”




4) The Strava “Live” segments on my Garmin Edge have been exceptionally useful in training. I know that Strava has also recently integrated the “Beacon” feature to pair with compatible Garmin devices. Given the recent collaboration, can users expect to continue to see synergies develop between the two companies? 

“That’s great to hear! Strava received a lot of positive feedback when we introduced Beacon last Summer and had lots of athletes say they wanted to use Beacon with their Garmin devices. Garmin and Strava have a great track record of working together to enhance the athlete experience and are excited to continue their partnership.”


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