SRAM Derailleur Continuously Throwing Chain

SRAM Derailleur

Well, the title says it all. I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with my SRAM Derailleur [Rival 22 (Yaw) FD]. A few months back, I noticed that approximately 8 / 10 times that I would shift into the big ring, my chain would drop outside of the chainring. Of course, every time, I didn’t have any of those Monkey grease wipes on hand, my mistake.

Actually, come to think of it – this happened with less than a month after I purchased my bike back in September 2015. I chalked it up to me not having ridden a SRAM bike previously – all my former bikes were Shimano. Now that I’ve locked into the mechanics and have gotten very used to the double tap, I don’t think this is related to user error. I had some great service up at Strictly Bicycles in NJ – one of the staff members took care of the bike and my front derailleur had no issues. 10/10 it would shift properly to the big ring

Prospect Laps: Prospect Chain Throwing


Prospect Park Weeknight


Seemingly out of the blue on my Prospect Park ride this evening, the chain jumped over my 50t chainring, not once, but twice. So, I spent my entire ride in the 34t ring (spinning is winning, right?)

16.1 average pace despite stop lights


Despite the mechanical problems, I still managed to pull a 16.1mph pace (that’s inclusive of the numerous stop lights on the way to the park). As an added bonus, I ran into my long time friend, Giovanni this evening – hadn’t seem him around in months even though we talk often over social media. It’s great to see people picking up cycling and seeing their enthusiasm for the sport. Given our pace differences, we just regrouped after laps at our own pace(s).


Strava HR analysis



SRAM Derailleur [Rival 22 (Yaw) FD]

Nevertheless, I think from here, I’m going to buy a new SRAM Force FD… $44.99 on Competitive Cyclist. I’ve read good reviews on Force over Rival, and a new set of cables as well. I’ve had phenomenal experience with their site and customer service. They’ve been very accommodating throughout the numerous orders that I’ve placed.


SRAM Derailleur [Force 22 Yaw]


Somewhere along the line, I think the various shops (3 different ones) that have worked on the bike may have screwed up the derailleur cage and limit screws (perhaps stripping the grooves in the derailleur). This derailleur has had issues for a long time. At this point, I think that’s truly the best course of action – to start fresh and really specify to the local bike shop that I end up going to, has experience working with SRAM components. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I do try to take very good care of my bike and “baby” my Caadx.

I’ll keep you all in the loop with the end result of this mechanical “adventure”!


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