Poem Series: “Sunday Mornings, To the Bridge”

GWB Outlook

This is the first in a series of short poems that I’m writing about our favorite cycling roads. Hope you enjoy.


First glimpses of an early morning sunrise.

Alarm rings, 5:30. “Early to bed, Early to Rise.”

Gentle stretches, taking stock of how the muscles feel.

Kit on, snacks packed, clip-in, push-off.

“Spinning is Winning.” 80, 90, 95 rpm: 16, 18, 20 mph.

Cruising towards the gateway. ETA 45 min.

Ride the green light wave up 1st Ave.

Garbage trucks, club kids, athletes

The daily cycle turns around revolution. ETA 25 min. 

Sounds of church choirs gently permeate the streets of St. Nicholas.

120th, 130th, 140th.

Mentally recapping the week: “What went well? What didn’t?”

150th, 160th. ETA 8 min. 

Cut across Ft. Washington Ave.

Like bees returning to the hive, like opposing magnets,

Like pilgrims to a proverbial mecca

Cyclists approach the great gray bridge from all directions

Familiar faces wait on Cabrini Boulevard

Sun rays shine over the tops of the bridge.

It’s time.

You’re here: the gateway to Cyclehaven9w. 


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