Painting via bike: Foray into Northeastern Queens

In the interest of my “Painting via Bike” series, this particular post will focus primarily on pictures as opposed to text. The primarily methodology on this ride was to explore Northeastern Queens. Part of the route would retrace some of the NYC Century course. In fact, the spray-painted yellow “C-arrows” were still on the road!

I have recently discovered a phenomenal site that essentially takes your Strava route and provides a realistic satellite map image to showcase your ride activity! I especially love how it shows spots in the route where I took a picture, where I hit my maximum speed, where maximum HR occurred, etc…



For some reason, I had a bit of trouble embedding my activity movie into blogspot. I couldn’t find the proper HTML code; alas, here is the link to my first RELIVE movie: RELIVE – Painting via Bike.

The highlight of the route was riding the protected bike lane recently established on Queens Boulevard. What once was considered the “Boulevard of Death” is slowly transforming into a cycling and pedestrian safe area.

The number of times that I felt “unsafe” in this protected lane were few and far between. My sole complaint: the lane ended abruptly. I’ll have my eyes on the street, as the DOT continues their transformation of Queens Boulevard into a “Boulevard of Life.” ┬áVery much looking forward to seeing the implementation of Phase 3.


Queens Boulevard Bike Lane – highlight of the ride.


Approaching Alley Pond Park.


Immersed in the foliage at Alley Pond.


Completely separated from the highway, but poor pavement conditions.


Looking out on the Throggs Neck Bridge.



Closing in on the Whitestone Bridge.



Sun shining on the Whitestone from the other side.


Northern Boulevard Bridge over Flushing Bay.


To get to this point featured in the screenshot above, I rode alongside the Whitestone Expressway service road. It seemed to be the most direct route, as the sun was beginning to set. Surprisingly this service road was not only very smooth, but the amount of traffic was quite low! I would need to conduct some more empirical evidence in order to determine whether this is a viable and safe route going forward.


Saw quite a few planes landing at Laguardia, right across Flushing Bay.



Citi Field at 126th street and 36th Avenue.


Subway home.



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