New Year’s Day 2017 and Resolutions

Looking out on NYC from GWB on New Year's Day

New Year’s Day 2017

For the past two years, I’ve started the tradition of going out on a New Year’s Day ride (weather permitting). What better way to start off 2017, than being outside! The day before, I decided to do some laundry and wash my cycling kits, give our puppy a bath, etc…

New Year's Day - Clean Cycling Kits.
Hanging the kits to dry.


The next morning, I fueled up on Nature’s Path Oatmeal, Mesa Sunrise Cereal, and Siggi’s Strawberry Rhubarb Skyr (yogurt). Additionally, I thought that New Year’s Day would be a prime opportunity to practice using some of my new GoPro accessories! The ride itself was seamless. I stopped by Bunbury’s Coffee Shop in Piermont, NY for a banana nut muffin and some coffee. On the return route, I opted for the flatter Piermont Road, as opposed to 9W. Overall, I was looking more for a nice recovery ride, as instead of a tempo road ride.


Nevertheless, before diving into my resolutions for this upcoming year, I wanted to share the edited video from yesterday. I definitely recommend watching this in 1080p under the “settings” gear icon.


2017 Cyclehaven9w Resolutions:


  1. I want to focus more on proper nutrition to fuel my rides. In 2016, there were a few rides where I think timing my mid-ride nutrition could have made for a much better overall experience. I’m thinking specifically about my first attempt to ride to Bear Mountain where Perkins Memorial Drive zapped my energy.
  2. Tied into the first resolution, I think it’s important to take time during the long rides to enjoy the scenery, have a coffee break, and really clear the mind. I noticed over the past year, my rides were more-so driven by “powering through.” There’s a time and place for sheer power, of course.  All in all, I want to be more cognizant of keeping recovery rides as simply that, a recovery.
  3. Continue documenting the ‘Cyclehaven9w’ journey, developing the website, and promoting the brand. The GoPro that I received for my birthday be perfect for animating the stories. Additionally, I want to begin reaching out to cyclists within the local community to capture their perspective(s) as well. I’m always open to ideas and content suggestions- please feel free to let me know!
  4. Between work, a puppy, and other responsibilities, it is difficult to get long rides in regularly. Insert: Wahoo Kickr. I will definitely be utilizing the Kickr a lot more in the coming year. In 2016, I logged just over 1,500 miles. I’d like to cross over 2,000 in 2017!


Happy New Year and best of luck in 2017, everyone!

Freeze Frame from 9W on New Year's Day.
Screen grab from yesterday’s ride.


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