March comes in like a lion and out like a snowman?

ZHCC Sub 2.0 watts / kg

Recap of Past Month

This winter, all in all, was pretty mild. Though, we’ve had random bouts of cold and as of late, some snow. Well, this past week we had an unprecedented storm that dumped anywhere between 7 and 20 inches throughout the tri-state area. After that, yesterday we were greeted with some wintry precipitation – the kind of cold rain that goes straight to the bones. Needless to say, I’ve been spending more and more time indoors at the gym as well as on the Kickr trainer.

There hasn’t been too much to write about, especially in relation to kicking it on Zwift for weeks. Though I am trying to be more consistent with Zwift – getting ~3 virtual rides in per week. What I really appreciate about Zwift-ing, apart from the interactive nature of the program, is that I can track my power output closely, in relation to other cyclists. Oh, and the fact that I can get in a good hour-long workout without having to allocate time for stop lights, etc…


ZHCC Sub 2.0 watts / kg
The start of today’s ZHCC Sub 2.0 watts/kg


Another aspect to consider re: power output in a controlled environment means that I can track my progress by keeping other variables constant (the weather and the wind being the two biggest variables). An average speed of 15mph for an outdoor ride with a tailwind and perfect temperature outside is not “better” training-wise than the same course, averaging 13mph, facing a killer headwind and rain/snow.

If I’m not mistaken, I think I’ve mentioned it before – that’s the thing with Strava – for those of us that love tracking every data point,  we want to see improvements over time. Sometimes, it does mean that we push slightly (re:well) beyond our means to keep pace with others.


Upcoming Season(s)

That ties in with my goals for this upcoming season. Often times I find myself getting so focused on training that I forget to take in the views, take the path less traveled by, explore, stop at the small crepe shop that’s caught my eye, etc…

In the summer humidity especially, I need to take a backseat on pushing outdoors. The “Epic Ride” hosted by the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, was a prime example. 90+ degrees, 80% humidity – no amount of water / nuun tabs could have kept me from developing heat exhaustion that day, which to be honest was pretty rough. I’ll write up a post on cycling in the heat in the next few months (since it’s probably the farthest thing on our minds right now).


Route that the “Epic Ride” took.


The blog will get back on its usual track over the next few weeks/months! Hope you’re all getting ready for the spring. There are a ton of exciting NYC cycling infrastructure projects in the pipeline as well – some of which will be complete game changers. Fingers crossed for a 4th avenue (in Brooklyn) protected bike lane spanning from Dean Street to 65th Street, protected lane on 5th avenue (in Manhattan), and more!


DOT 4th Avenue Bike Lane

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