LVL – The First Wearable Hydration Monitor

As of late, I’ve become more and more interested in various Kickstarter projects. Normally I would be skeptical about this sort of project, but I wholeheartedly backed the “First Wearable Hydration Monitor.”

The overarching concept of this smart fitness band is that it utilizes red light. I’d be lying if I tried to explain the scientific details behind the advantages of red light versus green light, but based on my understanding, the red light should be able to penetrate deeper under the skin relative to the majority of trackers out on the market that use green light. In fact, in one of their comments on the site, they mentioned that this is very similar to the technology used by the devices in hospitals that patients put on their finger tips.



The engineering team on this Kickstarter established “stretch goals” from the outset. In other words, features that they would be able to add given a certain funding level. Since they’ve now surpassed $800k USD (!!) they’ve promised ANT+ on top of the BLE capabilities. This is going to be pretty awesome for all of us who use Garmin devices to track our rides. Not to mention, they’ve also added smart notifications.

Now, I’ve been using the Fitbit Charge HR for the past 8 or 9 months,  and to be honest the HR component has left much to be desired. I do agree with the Fitbit’s resting heart rate calculation. For me it fluctuates between 58 and 63, depending on how much I’m sleeping, how hydrated I am, stress levels, etc.. but during exercise, the HR that the Fitbit displays is completely wrong, about 20 or 30 bpm lower than what my Garmin chest strap is reading.

From what it looks like the LVL team has done their due diligence and provided documentation on the wearable monitor.



Of course, anyone can put up some numbers on a chart to align with what they’re trying to promote, but based on the brand equity for this company, I do believe the LVL team is committed to producing a high quality product that goes above and beyond the competition. Another component to consider is the fact that LVL’s app will be very open to firmware updates, leaving the possibilities endless for enhancements.



From now, if you’re interested in learning more about the LVL wearable, or even backing the project (There are 18 days left in the campaign), please see this Kickstarter Link.


By and large, it’s easy to forget to drink water when we’re out on the road. I know I have trouble doing so, and even more so while I’m at the office. If this device will help set reminders for myself and calculate my current hydration level on top of a plethora of other capabilities, I’m sold.

I backed this during one of the early Kickstarter specials, so some of the rewards may no longer be available, but it’s worth checking out.  The availability date is currently set to June 2017.


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