Clear and Windy, Prospect Park Laps

After sitting around most of the weekend looking out on the rain, the sky finally cleared up, the roads were mostly dry, and I headed out.

I didn’t have time to go up to River Road this late in the day, but I decided try Prospect Park and ended up doing some laps with a friend. Turned out to be windier than expected, but it was ~26 miles well spent. It was deceptively chilly, even though the outside temp read 54 degrees Fahrenheit on my Garmin, it felt more like low 40’s. Haven’t yet gotten the winter cycling gear out of the vacuum sealed storage bags just yet, maybe soon though. Though I’m definitely not complaining, I was not a fan of riding in the brutal heat and humidity this past summer in NYC.


Neat composition, even if it’s a bit blurry. Chalking it up to “moving too fast.”



Brought to you by Windy TV, here’s a point in time wind speed reference for the conditions on the ride today. So we were looking at between 27 – 31 mph winds while in the park.



As I work to set the foundation on Cycle Haven 9W, I think I’m going to highlight certain segments on my rides for which I had a pleasant PR, noticed something interesting, or even segments that I struggled with, for tracking purposes.

On today’s ride, the Kent Ave. Turnaround (1.9 miles) was a positive segment for me. I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself much, but I kept a solid pace. For this ride, I actually didn’t get out of the small ring at all, I was trying to work more on my spinning. My ultimate goal after winter training this year is to be able to maintain an +/- 18mph steady state pace on the flats for longer rides (40 miles +).


For these kinds of rides, I try to have a blend of Steady State training and a few points in time where I push myself. I think the general philosophy I use is: the longer the distance, the more steady the tempo. The shorter the distance, the more power to lay down on the pedals. Of course it’d be optimal to lay down the power just about the entire time on longer rides, but I’ll get there in due time.


Currently I’m a premium Strava member. I’m happy to support the company behind an app that I use constantly,  especially one that has kept me accountable for my training. Here’s a breakdown of today’s ride via my HR zones. The focus today was keeping that Z2, “Moderate” level of training, whilst letting it raise to Z3, “Tempo” during the hillier portions of the route.


That’s all for now. The next post will be an unboxing / review of the new Wahoo trainer I pick up from REI – stay tuned.

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