First Time Across the GWB

Looking out on NYC from GWB on New Year's Day

March ’13, Trek 7.1, unforgiving winds whipping off the river. Westside Greenway, GWB was my beacon, cold shiver… Asked a Kissena Roadie the way, he said, “Follow me, but keep up, I’m late.” 7% grade at 158th, bone crunching sound from my drivetrain, testing its fate. The roadie shot a…

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‘Cross Legs

Muddy track, off-camber turn Dial back power application, when will we learn? Working on remounts, like metronomes in sync Left step, right, left – no time to think Trust your training, muscle memory will prevail Don’t look back, competitors on your tail Lactate builds and creeps Thankfully this course isn’t…

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